To Reach Us...603-887-8550

To Reach Us...603-887-8550
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Friday, July 9, 2010


Yep, that's right. I am diversifing a little...Always had handmade soaps on a limited scale. I have hooked up with Jenness Farm and now can retail all their products. Here are a few pics of what you'll find at the Garden...Soaps in varying fragrances, Lip Balm, Body Lotion, Brown Sugar Scrub and BUG OFF.....The BEST BUG SPRAY EVER! No DEET...No Nasty Smell or Stains on Clothes and......It Is ANIMAL SAFE!!! Angus Loves it, doesn't run away when I spray him...AND STILL BETTER YET.....IT WORKS!! I've experimented and it really does!!!

Check This Out!!

Cabin Fever's "BABY J" Sweater. I have had the pattern for a while but never the time or inclination to knit one up. While at the Sheep and Wool, I spotted a really interesting Toddler Sweater. Upon inspection....."Baby J"!!!!!

Came right home, grabbed Patons Jacquard Yarn and here it is...The cutest sweater ever!!!!

I brought the patterns and yarn to the Granite State Knit In...Sold every skein of yarn and every pattern I had with me for that sweater!!! Just getting them back in stock and ready to ship out to a few who had to wait!! They are on their way, ladies.


MY LATEST CREATION....A SWEATER VALANCE! Hangers were ruining my sample sweaters...Solution...Ditch the Hangers...Now, NEW Window Treatments!

A few changes in the placement of "STUFF" I get bored so I have to Mix Things Up!!
All Books, Patterns, Odd Dyelots or Discontinued Yarns can be found in here in the Green Room Treasure Chest and Shelves...

My Salem HS Stitchers...

Here are SOME of my WONDERFUL Salem High School Continuing Ed Students.
Pic #1 is Elizabeth...Her FIRST piece of Knitted Apparel! Now complete but too hot to wear!!!
Pic#2 Harriet's this class, still small enough to be a hat! Crazy Lady!
Pic#3 Modeling their Hand Knit Top Down Sweaters...some not Knitted for them but Modeling anyway!!

All sweaters since these pics, have been either completed or very close. Most are working on #2 and #3 Sweaters. I am so PROUD of the entire class. I hope they all sign up for our September Semester...They are such great ladies...We have a blast every week!!!!


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