To Reach Us...603-887-8550

To Reach Us...603-887-8550
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Monday, April 30, 2007


Hello,Fellow Knitters...
The special for May is to be...Purchase a Book or Pattern and recieve 20% off on the purchase of the yarn to complete that project. Lots of new books and pamphets have arrived, stop by and check them out...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

DUDUZA (comfort) DOLLS

As many of you know by my e-mails, last week I was watching Fox TV and they interviewed a woman who is very involved with CHABHA..Children Affected By HIVAIDS...There are thousands of parentless children in Rwanda and other African countries. These children have no change of clothes, no shoes, no toys. The group wanted to make a difference, they knitted dolls, counted 219, thought it was plenty, brought them over and were so overwhelmed by the response of the children. They loved, hugged and cried for these dolls but there was not enough to go around. The group returned to the states and is requesting...If you can knit, Please, follow these simple instructions and create this much needed "Lovey" in American, "Duduza" in African.
I have much donated yarns, you do not need a large amount but lots of different colors and textures to make them cheerful and fun. Here are two sites where you can see the dolls, retrieve the pattern and read for yourself the and also
When we have collected a good sized box full, A Knitter's Garden will pay to ship the box to Vermont. I will also have a collection jar for monetary donations to send along as well. Please help me make a difference....J

Up Coming Sale

Just a heads up...I am planning another "One Day Sale" on Saturday, May 19th from 10am to4pm. 30% off on Select Yarns. 20% off on hardbound books. Check back...more to come...

Bunny 101

On Sunday, Heather, Martha and I took "Caring for Bunnies" class with Nancy Bender of The Spinning Bunny, at the Fiber Studio. It was awesome! We were three of eleven ladies, twelve counting the Bunny! Learned lots of very useful info ranging from feeding, grooming, housing and mating to actually shearing, blending the raw fiber and spinning. What fun!! I can't wait to shear my Jacob sheep and blend her fiber with either Gracie or Bonnie. The fiber, thus yarn, will be phenomenal!
Martha and her, human girls, Sophie and Bella, visited today. They colored at the dining room table while Martha and I groomed the bunnies. Their first official "Shearing". I will ask my daughter to take have to see them...SO small with no fur! Bob was shocked when he saw HIS girls! Martha promised, the fur grows back so quickly and it's actually a relief for the bunnies to be shorn. I put an extra fleece blanket in their hutch, incase they are chilly tonight! It's the Mama in me.
Saturday, if all goes well this time, the sheep are being shorn...check back for that saga!

Friday, April 6, 2007


Most everyone is familiar with "BOGO" Buy One Get One...
Well, here at the Garden, we have "B2G1" as our April Special...NO, it's not a bingo game!! BUY 2 pair of knitting needles or 2 crochet hooks and GET 1 Free. Very simple and a great way of enlarging your needle/hook collection. We are talking Addi's and Inox,Clover and Brittany, Bryspun and Balene. A large inventory of Circular, Straights, Hooks and DPs. So, come on in and take advantage of our "B2G1 April Special"

Crochet Chicks...

For all the Crochet Chicks out there...I have a bunch of new pattern books on order,
Gifts from Heaven, Crochet for Baby, Travelers Blankies and Afghans, Potholders a Plenty...Very nice variety of patterns. I am planning my Spring Workshops, three I am looking forward to, Crochet Hooded Diagonal Blanket, Uni-sex Infant Sweater and Christmas Ornaments Toppers...Stay tuned, more to come.
Also on their way, Brittany Lath-Turned Birch Crochet Hooks, beautiful!
At any time, should there be a pattern, hook or specific yarn you desire, please feel free to ask...I have quite a few resource I can tap into.
Hope to see you all soon...Joanne

Where Are You??

Now, Everyone Take Notice...You can not drive by and not see...A New and Bigger Sign. There is no way anyone can say they couldn't find me...
THANKS to my WONDERFUL husband, Bob, our sign can be seen so clearly and easily. This was his idea, design and hard work. The sign post went in on one of those beautiful Springlike days, just before our Easter Blizzard! What timing! What a guy!

The Garden Seedlings...

A new feature of "A Knitter's Garden". An "Off Shoot" of select craftspeople who show and sell their products at the Garden. Please come by to view and purchase Top Quality Crafts-Womenship at it's Finest...

Blue Glass Dragonfly...Handmade Earrings
Little Stone Farm...Angora Fiber for Spinning
Lorie's Hand Designed Boxed Cards
Miss Mollie's Light Weight Baby Sweaters
Nancy's Homespun Yarn and Natural Soaps
Sereknity...Hand Dyed Sport/Sock Weight Yarns and Fibers
Tangle Tree Garden...Hand Designed and Sewn Totebags.
Any craftperson with a high quality product they would like to market and feature here with "The Garden Seedings", please stop by and we can talk...

Thursday Nite Knitting...

Our Thursday Nite Knitting held on April 26th at 7 pm to 9pm.
This month we are going to make Wash Cloths, either knitted or crocheted, your choice. During this time, we will draw names and exchange completed cloths with each other. I thought we could continue this into the summer months. Everyone looks for
small lap projects, just a thought...No fee for the night, just fun.

Welcome Spring...

Now let's get down to business...a few new yarns have arrived
"Heirloom Celtic" is the newest from Austrailia. 67% Aussie Wool/33% Alpaca
A medium to light worsted weigh...doll sweater sample to touch

"Universal Bella DK" 7 Colors instock, beautifully soft acrylic, machine wash/dry
Perfect for Baby Sweaters or Dresses, Summer Blankies or Throws and
of course, American Doll Clothes

"TLC Cotton Plus" 51% cotton/49% acrylic Worsted Weight, instock and available
in 12 lovely colors, Great for kids Tanks, Summer Sweaters, Washcloths
Very Versatile!!

"Universal's Tapestry" is plentiful...5 Color Ways...Knit the Stockinette Stitch...
Bingo, Bango...Fair Isle, like magic! Many samples to view.

My Heartfelt Thank You

Hello All, sorry I have not updated in so long. As most know, our family has had a very trying 6 weeks. Things are "Almost" back to normal. Thank you for all your cards, words of kindness and flowers, they have been so greatly appreciated and so overwhelming. Mothers are so special and the most difficult to lose.


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