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To Reach Us...603-887-8550
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Sunday, February 17, 2013


I was sitting here finishing up a baby blanket last night when I realized I haven't been a good girl!! No posts in Quite a long time....So Here I am to try to rectify the situation...

I have been working on a pattern for LINED MITTENS...I have knitted 4 mittens so far. Each with improvements. I think I have finally perfected it. Mitten #1 with WW yarn in Wool...TOASTY! But much to BIG.  Mitten #2 with Bravo, 100% Acrylic in a DK weight...Also Toasty..Much better fit, still wide. #3, My best FIT yet...My Girls Yarn(5 Star...2 sheep, 3 bunnies blended) for the Liner and Bravo for the Outside...Very Pleased with this Outcome! GREAT FIT...Size Medium.

Yesterday, I casted on a Pair with my shop's most Popular Yarns (Universal Classic Worsted & Tapestry)and the Most Comfortable Fit...Let's see what happens...I'll keep up updated...promise!

Now to the HAT.....It is a pattern I purchased from Bruce at "The Spotted Sheep". He wrote the pattern and I am selling it here at my shop. I can honestly say, it is the BEST written pattern I have used in a LONG time. Very Clear...No Errors and none of..."repeat this row or that row" Everything is written out...NO QUESSING!!! The Sample is knitted with Our Josie's fiber that has been Blended with Danny the Alapaca.....So Lovely! The Variaged is Marble DK. The hat is a Lined Hat also...Totally Reversible. I wore it today in the mini Blizzard to do errands and go to breakfast w/my guy. I was  TOASTY warm...I NEVER wear hats, I'll be Donning this one!!!

Our Annual Retreat is coming up and I am planning to have Kits put together for both projects...Patterns will also be available separately.

Until Next Time...and I promise it won't be Months!  "Keep Those Needles Clicking"  Joanne


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