To Reach Us...603-887-8550

To Reach Us...603-887-8550
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chester's Scarecrow Contest...


MEET "NAOMI the NUTTY KNITTER"....Guess Where She Lives???

THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF CHESTER IS HOSTING A SCARECROW CONTEST...Three of the members have cut, sewn and created awesome painted, highly expressive faces for said Scarcrows.....OMG....They are so WONDERFUL...the Citizens and Business Owners of Chester are so Creative!!!

There are 56 DIFFERENT Scarecrows scattered around town.....You HAVE to drive around and check them out!!!! I believe they will be around through Halloween...Come to Chester and Check Them Out!!!! They are Everywhere!!!


Stop by and Meet the Newest Additions to our Farm Family....Shroder and Charlie Brown...Yes Two of the Peanuts Characters!! Both are Boys and Babies...only 6 months old!!! Shroder is a beautiful Black Merino, sweet, quiet and very studious, concentrating on eating up all the moss around the trees. Charlie on the other hand, is Very Vocal, has a veracious appetite and is a beautiful dark Ivory Icelandic boy. Both Boys have been a delight and a wonderful addition to our mini farm.

Their fiber will be harvested in the Spring of 2011. Can't wait!!! This past Sunday, we went to Sallie's Fen to drop off our Flock's Fleeces...Finally!!! Three Angora Bunnies, one Shetland and one Jacob...Their Fleece will be processed together into a Worsted Weight Blend this year. Again...Can't Wait for the end result...I LOVE Our Flock...eventhough Josie, the Jacob, tried to knock me down on 4 different occasions!!! Needless to say, I do NOT go into the paddock alone any more!!! Chiropractor's Orders!!! I am nuts but not Crazy!!!

So, come on by and meet the Boys!! They'd love to meet you!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This question has come up more than once in the past few months. I have always belonged to a knitting group of one kind or another in Massachusetts and NH.. Upon moving to Chester, the first thing I did was go to the library, get a library card and ask..."Do you have a Knitting Group or Guild in Town" I was told NO. Then asked by our librarian, "Would/Could you start one?" Of course I jumped at the opportunity.
The long and short of it, we met at the library, very soon out grew our space there. I was given a key to our newly vamped "Community Center" This is when I started researching the differences between a Knitting GROUP and a Knitting GUILD...there is a difference...GROUP COMMITMENT...
I will Gladly past on what I have learned...
A "Knitting GROUP" is just that. A GROUP of people knitting together at any given time, day or night.
A "KNITTING GUILD" on the other a "GROUP OF KNITTERS with a COMMON GOAL". To be a TRUE GUILD according to the Crochet/Knit Guild of America...The Group (GUILD) MUST agree upon a COMMUNITY SERVICE for said Group to FOREFILL in a timely manner with weekly, monthly meetings to stay apprised of said service.
Some Guilds reguire a membership, an annual fee, and actually have board members...President-V.President-Secretary-Treasurer.

Personally, I have never wanted to be that regimented but I did want to name my Group and I wanted us to be a GUILD. I learned to have those things you must have a mission statement.

When forming the guild I asked, the ladies then attending, could we promise each other to make the commitment to knit for Charity, gather our items and send them to said Charity. We have ALWAYS done this. No hesitation on anyone's part.

In the very beginning, a large box of lovely yarn was donated by a mother-in-law of one of the knitters. Using this yarn, we ALL knitted squares, we ALL assembled a full-sized afghan and raffled it off at the Chester Town Fair. One of our members bought $25 worth of tickets, she won the afghan!! She then, donated the Afghan with the raffle tally of $50 to the Red Cross to be sent to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We were so Proud!!!!!

Since then, "Purling Petals GUILD", a name chosen by the members, has donated to so many is a list of some...Linus Project, Salvation Army, St Thomas Aquinus, DADUZA Dolls for Africa, Helmet Liners for the Troops, California Fire Fund, Neighbors Helping Newborns, Hats and Booties for Guadamala, Sweaters for Haiti, Project Purl. I know there are more I just can't remember them all.

I must say, through my own experiences, in NH and MA, I LOVE the community, commradary and wholeness you feel by belonging to a Guild. Doing anything for another human being you will probably NEVER meet is the greatest feeling I have every known. It gives you purpose and warms the heart when the whole world seems to be falling apart!!! I could never imagine my life without belonging to a Guild.

Hope this answers the question..."Why does Joanne ask Guild Members to Knit for Charity?".....To Help Mankind!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scarecrow Contest...

Hi All...I was just approached to enter the "Chester Scarecrow Contest" Putting my thinking cap on and coming up with some cool ideas..."She" will be viewable as of October 1st...Winner Chosen on Oct 9th...Won the "Front Door Contest" two years ago...Maybe again???? Y a never know...Stay Tuned...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guild Resuming....

Great News...Autumn is around the corner and "PURLING PETALS GUILD" is meeting again!! We took a summer break, now it is time to resume the chatter, knitting and socialization we have all missed during these past months.

Hope to see old and new faces beginning Weds, September 1st from 6 to 8...

September 1 st and 15th
October 6th and 20th
November 3rd and 17th
December 1st and 15th Then we'll go from there...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Ravelry Charity

Hello Everyone...
I have recently discovered a new Charity on Ravelry..."Project Purl"
AND if you haven't joined Ravelry yet...It is Time...there is so much great info about K/C and Kindred Spirits, just like US!!! Just Do It!

Website address is Their Mission is to help the Homeless in Manchester by donating knit/crochet hats, scarves, mittens, sock, personal size health and beauty aids. I love the idea of helping a LOCAL Charity help Locals. I truly feel for needy people of other countries but I think we NEED to take care of our OWN FIRST!!!

I have a basket at the shop for items...I already have 8 hats/mittens and more than a dozen beauty aids with more on their way! My husband is the first to call me CRAZY when I get crazed with a charity, constantly buying things to add to the stash!! But then...He's the first to show how PROUD he is with what I have given or collected and always gives me encouragement to continue!!! That's what I call "Unconditional Support"!!! How lucky am I???

In ending...I know I can continue to count on you too. We have ALWAYS pulled together... I am also collecting your "Unwanted Washable Yarn" for those who want to K/C but do not have the materials. I have two shopping bags already. AND if you NEED yarn to work on this project...Just Ask!! I have plenty to pass around...a great reason to De-Stash!!! My intention...

Makes a body feel so good to help others not as fortunate as ourselves. And NOT to wait for the Holidays to roll around...Someone Always Needs Help!!

Thank You for Your Support....As Ever...Joanne

Friday, July 9, 2010


Yep, that's right. I am diversifing a little...Always had handmade soaps on a limited scale. I have hooked up with Jenness Farm and now can retail all their products. Here are a few pics of what you'll find at the Garden...Soaps in varying fragrances, Lip Balm, Body Lotion, Brown Sugar Scrub and BUG OFF.....The BEST BUG SPRAY EVER! No DEET...No Nasty Smell or Stains on Clothes and......It Is ANIMAL SAFE!!! Angus Loves it, doesn't run away when I spray him...AND STILL BETTER YET.....IT WORKS!! I've experimented and it really does!!!

Check This Out!!

Cabin Fever's "BABY J" Sweater. I have had the pattern for a while but never the time or inclination to knit one up. While at the Sheep and Wool, I spotted a really interesting Toddler Sweater. Upon inspection....."Baby J"!!!!!

Came right home, grabbed Patons Jacquard Yarn and here it is...The cutest sweater ever!!!!

I brought the patterns and yarn to the Granite State Knit In...Sold every skein of yarn and every pattern I had with me for that sweater!!! Just getting them back in stock and ready to ship out to a few who had to wait!! They are on their way, ladies.


MY LATEST CREATION....A SWEATER VALANCE! Hangers were ruining my sample sweaters...Solution...Ditch the Hangers...Now, NEW Window Treatments!

A few changes in the placement of "STUFF" I get bored so I have to Mix Things Up!!
All Books, Patterns, Odd Dyelots or Discontinued Yarns can be found in here in the Green Room Treasure Chest and Shelves...

My Salem HS Stitchers...

Here are SOME of my WONDERFUL Salem High School Continuing Ed Students.
Pic #1 is Elizabeth...Her FIRST piece of Knitted Apparel! Now complete but too hot to wear!!!
Pic#2 Harriet's this class, still small enough to be a hat! Crazy Lady!
Pic#3 Modeling their Hand Knit Top Down Sweaters...some not Knitted for them but Modeling anyway!!

All sweaters since these pics, have been either completed or very close. Most are working on #2 and #3 Sweaters. I am so PROUD of the entire class. I hope they all sign up for our September Semester...They are such great ladies...We have a blast every week!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010



10% Discount Off your Total YARN Purchase, Hand Dyed Not Included

"ALL" Instock INOX Circular Needles...Any Size, Any Length...$5.00

Kits Available..."FELTED BAGS" Knit or Crochet


10% Discount on ALL Instock Knit/Crochet Books this Month ONLY...

Stop by and take advantage of this March Madness!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


MID-WINTER HELLO....ahhhh remember that Sunshine???

Just wanted to answer a question that has been brought to my attention... ASTOUNDING YES....A Knitter's Garden is alive and very WELL!! So well, infact, I have not had the time to even think of updating my blog in quite some time. My classes have been very sucessful, leaving me little time for blogging...Sorry...I will try in the next few weeks to update...It is difficult to run a business alone. Even a small one, I have a family and mini farm to attend to as well as my yarn shop. My blog takes second place above the others.

I am planning some Specials for the month of March. As soon as I have it all planned, I'll post it right here plus send out an email to those who have an active address listed with me.

I am sure, you feel as I do.....Can't wait for SPRING!! Winter this year has been tough. Lots of storms, wind and COLD!!!

Jen of Seacoast Handpainted Yarns and I created two new Winter Colorways..."Winter Solstice" and "Nor'easter"...both are lovely and doing well, thank you. Stop by to see a sample. Jen has been doing quite a bit of custom dying for my customers...Check out her wedsite for colorways, new or tried and true tones. She does great work, take advantage of her talent and have some yarn dyed especially for you or a loved one...

Well, once again...I need to run...or rather walk, I have a very sore back these last few weeks...Gathering up a project, cuppa something warm and my trusty Heating Pad...Until next time..."Keep Those Needles Clicking" Joanne


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