To Reach Us...603-887-8550

To Reach Us...603-887-8550
Josie,Luke,Angus and Harriet, Scroll to end to see INTERIOR SHOP PICS Also, Click on Pics and they Enlarge...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Web Site Update

Hello all, Thank you for all the calls and e-mails telling me about my website problems. Yes, it is down, No it is not fixed yet. I was on the phone to California for 45 minutes this morning, no results! I have to "Give them 24 to 48 hours to find the problem" How much longer to "FIX" the problem? Computers are wonderful...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Newest Group Project...

The fires in California are a horrific event unfolding before our eyes. Here we are on the East Coast helpless...You may ask...How can we be useful? Let's put our needles together and knit/crochet squares/blankets for these fellow Americans, some who have lost everything. We can wrap them in a hug and blanket.
Here is what one woman is Check out her blog and you will get the picture.
I am making squares,#8 needles with WW yarn, CO 32 sts, knit to 8", they should be 8" square. I am knitting,collecting from anyone who wants to participate and as with the Daduza Dolls, A Knitter's Garden will pick up the cost to ship them out to Sandie in California. Let's help make a difference...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


As always, I love to hold workshops. Any requests, suggestion, please direct them to me by way of e-mail, or telephone, 603-887-8550. I will be happy to accommodate. I am working on a few requests now, as soon as I have more info, I'll let you know...Thanks, Joanne


As you enter the door, a table to your right will have "New Items" for the month.

Our arrivals this month are...

All Natural/Local Sallie's Fen 100% Alpaca yarn. Five natural colors, 2oz. skeins at 150yds/ $12.

Get ready for "Winter's Snow and Wind" Great yarn for hats, mittens and slippers
"Wool" and "Wool/Silk" Closeout Specials
100% Wool or Wool/Silk Blends 3.5 to 4 oz skeins Various Colors...
$8.50 while supply lasts

Another New Addition to the Garden..."Seacoast Handpainted Yarns"
"PANDA" A great Merino, Bamboo and Nylon blend...400yds/7sts=1"/$22
"SUPERWASH" Sock Yarn...100% Merino/560yds/7sts=1"/$25

I received quite a deal so I will pass it on to you..."REYNOLD'S" Wool/Silk Combo available in 12 colors...550yds per bag at $6

"Designs by Judith" patterns are now available, various sweater, scarves and afghan patterns have arrived. Waiting on an order from "Heart String Designs"

A selection of "ZECCA" and Ironstone Ceramic Buttons,
Felted Cases for your Circular Needles or Crochet Hooks,
and the ever favorite "Perpetual Knit Stitch Calendars" are all here for your viewing.

Let's start off the Winter Season with new yarns, patterns and many ideas...I look forward to seeing and helping you all, new and well established customers.


Autumn is here are so are new shop hours...

As of September 26th, A Knitter's Garden will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. With the exception of two Saturdays, October 6th, NH Sheep and Wool and October 20 th, NY Sheep and Wool in Rhinebeck, NY. I will be attending both Fiber Festivals. Check back to see what goodies I bring back...

I am working on presenting a Finishing Workshop and a Beaded Christmas Ornament Workshop...stay tuned for more info...

Monday, August 20, 2007


FYI, the Travel Guide covers have been sent back and I am awaiting the new copies. When I have them in my hot little hands, I'll let you know...Thanks for returning the covers so speedily...

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Anyone who purchased a Travel Guide from my shop, please call me. The company is recalling ALL books. The binding is inferior, with use the books can fall apart. The publisher is replacing ALL issues, free of charge. I need your front cover to return for new books.

Continental Knitting Workshop...

Changes in day and time for Workshop...

I have been asked by a few knitters to teach a workshop in Continental Knitting. I am planning a class on Saturday, September 15th, from 12 to 2...the Workshop will be $20, supplies needed, a pair of straight #8 needles and scrap yarn, ww preferred. Please let me know if you are interested in attending.

It has been difficult planning this class. We aren't all available the same day/ times. This seemed to work for the majority interested. Please call by September 10 to register. 603-887-8550 Thanks and I hope to see you soon...Joanne

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Looking for a new home...

We have two lovely Parakeets living in our dinning room. A male, Theo and a female, Paree'. As much as I love them and all their tweets, I need the space for other things...They live in a beautiful cage modeled after a house, complete with shutters, front door and chimney! Do you think you'd like them to live with you? If you are interested, please call me at 603-887-8550.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I am truly excited about the newest...
It is a great source for travelers near and far. Yarn shops all over the United States are listed by state. "A Knitter's Garden" is #3 on the New Hampshire pages. I have 5 issues of the book left...selling for $12.00...Stop by and grab one before they're gone...

DDofS Swap Contest #2...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The Dog Days of Summer Dish Cloth Swap...Contest 2
These are the instructions we were given...
Make a post, include photo, of favorite handmade item that you use or wear.
Include a link to something you have seen on a fellow swappers blog that yu may like to make.
Well, the dresses above are gifts that I have made for cousins babies...The green is for 5 month old Zoe, the middle pastel is for 1 year old Gianna and the third is a sample, knitted in Ticker Tape ribbon yarn, size 12 months, for my shop.
What I'd love to make is the Monica top posted on Knitty and on Pheeya D.'s blog. Scroll way down, her niece is modeling it, so cute, I just love it! Great job!

Duduza Dolls for Africa...

Here is the latest photo of our overflowing basket of the cutest Duduza Dolls ever created...There are 25 in all and it is only July! We have some with beads or earrings, some with corn-row hair, some with dreadlocks! Some in skirts, others in pants. My knitting friends are so creative.
I am so pleased and moved at all the dolls we have collected. I do believe we are going to make a group of parentless children very happy!!! I am so proud of all my knitters...Thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart!!
I will continue to collect dolls throughout August. They will be shipped to Vermont to the CHABHA Charity and then off to Rowanda and waiting arms to hug each and every one!

EPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, July 2, 2007

Answer to the questions...

My button on the top of the page with the adirondike chair, the summer drink and our yarn garden...My very talented oldest daughter, Laura, designed that for me. I wanted to put it on my business cards, stationery, labels...everything associated with A Knitter's Garden but we couldn't shrink it down enough and keep the details. It changed the integratity of the art work as a whole. Do not ask me how but I managed to transfer it on my blog...I am so proud...

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Check it out...I figured out how to add Buttons ALL BY MYSELF...and alot of time wasted trying!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

...Dog Days of Summer

Here is the Questionaire for the "Dog Days Of Summer" Swap...Round 2...

1. Do you knit, or crochet, or do both? How long have you been knitting\crocheting?
I do both, I love to knit but I like to crochet. I learned to knit first, maybe around 8 or 10. Crocheting came next...I had great shawls, rugs and blankets for my Barbies!
2. Have you knit dishcloths or dishtowels before?
Yes, I had made many facecloths, dishcloths and potholders (two cloths sewn tog), they are great!
3. What are your favorite cotton yarns? Is there a cotton or linen you’ve been dying to try but have not?
My favorite is TLC Cotton Plus, Halcyon's Casco Bay and Lambs Pride Cotton Fleece.
There are many out there I haven't tried and would love to.
4. Are there any cotton yarns you don’t enjoy knitting with?
Yes, I do not like to knit with Sugar and Cream, it is very stiff. But I must say, it is great for an exfoliant in the shower...Thank you Maria!
5. What type of needle do you prefer using? (Metal/Wood/Plastic)
It truly depends on what yarn you are using. I prefer Bamboo first but I love Brysun, they are a nylon. Then of course, Addi Turbos
6. What other projects do you enjoy knitting or crocheting?
I love making baby clothes and doll clothes. They are small take-along items. Plus you use small amounts of yarn so you can go for the more expensive for trimmings etc. I have also started to make "SOAP CADDIES" for handmade soap I sell in my shop, what better addition but a caddy to put the soap in!! Swapper Maria from my first swap made one for me...I love it! Great idea, I stole it!
7. Do you have other hobbies or enjoy other kinds of crafting?
I love to read, I borrow "Books on Tape" from my library. Read and knit...perfection! I also enjoy container gardening. We have always had a small vegatable garden but lately, my knees do not want to bend and my back hurts when weeding, so Container Gardening is the answer. I love house plants and flowers, I was a floral designer before I opened my yarn shop.
8. What kind of treats do you like? Chocolate? Candies? Nuts?
Popcorn, pretzels, m&m's, cashews and almonds...sweet and salty together! Yum...
9. What colors are your kitchen and bath decorated in, if any?
Kitchen, Gray and Red...Bath...Wisteria and Navy
10. What are your favorite colors and what colors do you dislike?
My favorite is greens and blues...least fav black
11. Do you drink coffee? Tea? Other beverages? I love my COFFEE, Gevalia coffee club is wonderful!
12. Do you have any kids (human or pet variety!)?
We have a ton...2 dogs, 2 parakeets, 2 sheep, 11 chickens, 2 angora bunnies, 2 daughters and 1 husband...quite the crew!
13. Do you have any allergies?
Penicillin...please do not send any!!
Please share 3 tidbits about yourself that you think your pal and other swappers might find odd or interesting.
We own a 217 year old farmhouse in southern NH, 18 months ago I opened a yarn shop in the front parlor. It has been great fun, a dream come true.
I told you all about my animals. My husband wants more sheep. We went to the local MSPCA and found 2 up for adoption...maybe?
I swore I would not do this blogging and swapping stuff...This is my second and I'm loving it!!!

Well, I guess that should do it for now...I am going to try to figure out how to put "buttons" on my blog...can't seem to do it...Tomorrow is another day...J

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spring Into Summer Swap...

Here is my Spoilers Loot...Check it out...Yarn..Candy.."Trailer" Dishcloth..Candy..Pattern..Candy..Duduza Doll..Candy..Soaps and a Soap Caddy for the shower..Candy..My Swapper done me good! Love it all and I Thank You Maria, we will keep in touch...I do not know yet what I am going to fashion into the Blue Mission Cotton..You'll be the first I show! Shannon, you touched me with your words and pics of your loot, so Glad you enjoyed...You can stalk me anytime! We will keep in touch too!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I never win anything, I am just not lucky like that. I have purchased lottery tickets, raffles tickets, been a Good Doobie but I never seem to have the lucky number. Devon posted a little Contest,I answered all questions correctly...Low and Behold... I won the booty...A Skein of Debbie Bliss Cotton in my fav green and a Book of Monogramed Notepaper...Thank you so much Devon!...I found a beautiful "Vineyard" pattern, all leaves at different angles, I am going to knit and build into a pillow! I'll post it one day...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swing into Summer Dish Cloth Swap...

**Well, most of the Swappers have their packages in the mail and the rest are waiting patiencely for their spoiling. My Swappee was "a little" pleased with her package, go to and check out Shannon's blog. I looked at a few other blogs, everyone has been so generous with their "Spoiling" What fun! Everyone should try a swap at least once!
**This Dish Cloth Group is doing it all over again. Interested? Rush on over to sign on...same address as above, just click on join...all the rules are very well explained...I am going to sign up for this one again!!! Sign up starts June 20th, don't wait to long to decide!!! You won't be sorry!
**I really liked this swap for one main reason...the commitment wasn't difficult, a dishcloth is easy and fast to make when your life is as crazy as mine. Besides they are fun to make 'cause there are so many cool patterns. Have you ever searched for patterns? There are millions out there, one prettier than the next! Try it, you'll understand why I did it. Plus, they are GREAT summer projects...lots of great cottons and patterns out there...Send me an e-mail, I am going to start selling on-line. I am thinking of putting kits tog for Dishcloths for SWAPPERS and SWAPPEES, Let me know what you think or may be interested in, I'd truly appreciate it...
**I joined another swap, "Dish Rag Tag Swap", alittle different rules but sounds like great fun. Sorry, all full...over 200 signed up!! I'll keep you informed.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My First Pictures!!

Here are a few pics of A Knitter's Garden.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here is our animal family!

Harriet and Josie are our sheep (before they have been sheared). New pictures coming.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Bonnie and Gracie, our angora bunnies, are six months old and have had one shearing.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now meet Luke, the newest member of our family. We think he's 10 weeks old and a yellow lab mix.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Hour Schedule...

Hello and Welcome to Summer...
There will be changes to my hours of operation for the Summer Months...The shop will be closed M-T and W...all day...if you need something, please call first, if I am home, I will gladly open the door. Regular Hours are to be Thur-Fri-Sat 10 am to 4 pm...if Sat is quiet, I will close at noon and retire to camp for the weekend. Those are the plans at present. As you all know, we have lots of animals, so I can not be away for long! They need me and...I need them!
These changes will take effect as of June 1 through August 30

Should anyone have a KNITTING EMERGENCY...DO NOT PANICK, take a couple of deep cleansing breaths, sit down near the phone and slowly dial my number, should I be home, I will gladly administer KNITTING FIRST AID...Never fear, I am but a phone call away (although, I no longer make house calls)

Suggestions for small, uncumbersome lap projects... I have put together a few bags with yarn and directions for the Duduza Dolls. And for a Special Friend, Brittany M, I have made a Duduza pattern in Crocheting! Also kits are available for American Doll Clothes, New Baby Hatw/Socks, lots of Cotton and patterns for washcloths/ dishcloths and of course, Granny Square Afghans, make the squares in the warm weather and sew them together during the cooler temps. Sock yarns and a few new Sock books.
All are alternatives to our regular heavy knitting projects.

I hope you all have wonderful and safe Summer Months...Joanne

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Scramble Contest...

Well Ladies,
The results are in and there are two winners...Nichole and Aimee. Both had all the correct answers and the sentence at the bottom. Thank you for participating. I hope everyone who did the puzzle enjoyed exercising your brains with knit/crochet knowledge. I will have your prizes ready next week, you may stop by anytime after Monday. The shop will be closed Sunday and Monday due to the long weekend, I need some chill-time at camp in front of a roaring fire toasting marshmellows and swatting mosquitoes...and knitting of course!

I must Thank everyone for all the Duduza Dolls...they are awesome and so are you! Each one with it's own little personality. I will diffinately take pics and post them...wait 'til you see...

Everyone...Have a great long weekend and be safe...Seatbelts and no drinking and driving!!! It's the MOTHER in me...J

Friday, May 18, 2007

I've been Tagged...

Okay, bear with me, I do not know how this works or what it is all about but I am game and here goes...
So, this is how it works:
Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write on their own blog those 7 facts as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.
Here are my 7 Facts...please do not hold any of these against me...I am only human!!!
1. I love to eat M&M's and chips at the same time.
2. I kissed my sheep, Josie, on the nose.
3. I never eat sauce from a jar.
4. I think Tom Selleck is still a hunk!!
5. I have never watched American Idol or any reality TV.
6. I Love, Love, Love to Knit.
7. I am living my dreams...Own a farmhouse w/animals and a yarn shop to boot!!

Now, my 7 Taggees are:
Shannon S

Okay Girls...let it rip...J

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Pal...

Hello Pal,
Thank you for your note and I truly look forward to all this fun! What do you think of the Duduza Doll? Thanks for attempting one, such easy and fast knitting. Did you go on the site and watch the video, it is inspiring. We have about 12 waiting for their stuffing! Again, Thanks...have a wonderful day...Joanne

A Contest I get to participate in...

I have joined a Dish Cloth Swap and part of the fun are these little contests.

So here are the questions and answers to mine...
1. What is one baked item you love to bake or buy and why.
I love to make "Swedish Apple Pie" It is the easiest recipe, no crust, just a batter consisting of 4 ingredients, your sliced apples and a pie plate!

2. What is one item you love to knit and why.
I love making doll or baby clothes. They are a small lap project, work up fast and are so adorable. And you can fool around with small amounts of funky yarns to change things around. Try it you'll see what I mean!

3. Favorite outdoor activity and why.
We have a trailer at a seasonal campground. We are only weekend campers, have been there 12 years and have made so many awesome friends that we only see at camp. So we get together, watch the guys play horseshoes, go for walks in the woods or by the lake and just enjoy being outside most of the day and night. Last year I taught 5- 13 yr olds to knit! Can't wait to see how they have done over the winter.

4. Favorite and why to relax.
Either at home on the porch in my favorite rocking chair knitting and watching the cars drive by. Or at camp by a roaring fire, just staring into it, it is soooooo relaxing!

I just realized, I am looking forward to going up there this weekend...Catch ya later

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Up for the Challenge...

This is the "Spring Into Summer" Dishcloth Swap I have joined. Sounds like fun!! check it out!
Yes, a first for me. I have heard so many knitters speak of "Swaps". They sound like fun and this particular swap is not intimidating for me. I have been afraid to make the commitment in the past, life gets in the way...Now I feel up for the challenge. I am really looking forward to participating...Here goes with the Questionnaire...

1. When did you learn to knit? Who taught you? I learned when I was about 8 or 10, my maternal Nana.
2. What was your very first completed object? A shawl for my Barbie. Your most recent? So many...Duduza Dolls...scroll down my blog for info!

3. What was the very first thing you sent to the frog pond? Sorry, don't remember the first but the latest was a baby blanket, three times! Can't seem to find just the right stitch---follow a pattern you say??!!
4. What is currently on the needles for you? Summer top for ME in "Breeze" Cotton blend, 18" doll clothes for a class I am teaching and again, Duduza Dolls.

5. What types of needles do you enjoy working with? I usually use Addi's, Clover or Bryspun. What have you tried and hated? The old style Aluminum, way to slick for me and cold in the winter!
6. Have you knit dishcloths before? Yes, many. What was your favorite one? For mindless knitting, Grandma's Favorite, I have even made GIANT ones as afghans and baby blankets...great basic pattern
Least favorite? Haven't found one yet
7. Do you use homemade dishcloths or face cloths yourself, or give them as gifts, or both? All of the above.
8. What are your favorite and least favorite scents? I LOVE Lilac, Lily of the Valley (For your body, such as soap/lotion/etc)Least, Lavender
9. What are your favorite colors? Greens and blues usually, I am in the process of painting our bathroom and I chose...Wisteria Mist, lovely and a new fav
10. What colors (if any) are your bathroom and kitchen decorated in? Bathroom--Wisteria with Navy accessories, Kitchen Grey walls, Red accessories.
11. What other hobbies and crafts do you enjoy? We live in a rural area and we have animals: chickens, sheep, dog, bunnies and parakeets, I love caring for them, I was a Floral Designer before I opened my yarn shop, hence my shop name,A Knitter's Garden, I love flowers and gardening.
12. Chocolate: Dark? White? Milk? Ew? Again, all of the above!!
13. Do you like salty treats? What kinds? Yes, Pecans, pistachios, chips, Chocolate covered pretzels!
14. If you could go anywhere in the world for one day and spend the day any way you wanted, where would you go and what would you do? I'd love to visit England, Ireland, Scotland, tour all the lovely old Castles and Cathedrals.
15. Do you have any allergies? (Yarns, foods, etc. that might impact what your pal can send) No penicillin please!! Ha Ha

Well, I guess I have answered all the questions...Let the Games Begin...Joanne

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Knitting Bag Contents...

Since I do not drive anymore(eye problems), while traveling, long or short distances, I always knit to my destination. Have you ever forgotten scissors, something to write on, better yet, a PEN?! Very annoying. Well, here is my list of everything I carry in my knitting bag...Hope it helps you out...

Blunt end, large eye sewing needle
Crochet catch stray/drop stitch
"Extra" Needles in size of Current Project...dropped one between seats while looking out window at something interesting! We've ALL been there.
Needle Gauge
Photocopy of Current Project Pattern
Safety Pins
Stitch Holders
Stitch Markers
Tape Measure and a Bottle of Water, you never know when you need a swig!

I also keep a list of all my needle/hook sizes handy. Again, you may whizz by a Yarn Shop, have to stop and check things out. You may see needles you think you NEED to have?! Safety Precaution! At my May Sale, I will have a grid-sheet printed, small enough to slide on your bag or tape into a notebook. It just may be helpful.

Watch your mail for my May Sale Flyer and info on my "Surprise Prize"...until May 19th...J

Monday, April 30, 2007


Hello,Fellow Knitters...
The special for May is to be...Purchase a Book or Pattern and recieve 20% off on the purchase of the yarn to complete that project. Lots of new books and pamphets have arrived, stop by and check them out...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

DUDUZA (comfort) DOLLS

As many of you know by my e-mails, last week I was watching Fox TV and they interviewed a woman who is very involved with CHABHA..Children Affected By HIVAIDS...There are thousands of parentless children in Rwanda and other African countries. These children have no change of clothes, no shoes, no toys. The group wanted to make a difference, they knitted dolls, counted 219, thought it was plenty, brought them over and were so overwhelmed by the response of the children. They loved, hugged and cried for these dolls but there was not enough to go around. The group returned to the states and is requesting...If you can knit, Please, follow these simple instructions and create this much needed "Lovey" in American, "Duduza" in African.
I have much donated yarns, you do not need a large amount but lots of different colors and textures to make them cheerful and fun. Here are two sites where you can see the dolls, retrieve the pattern and read for yourself the and also
When we have collected a good sized box full, A Knitter's Garden will pay to ship the box to Vermont. I will also have a collection jar for monetary donations to send along as well. Please help me make a difference....J

Up Coming Sale

Just a heads up...I am planning another "One Day Sale" on Saturday, May 19th from 10am to4pm. 30% off on Select Yarns. 20% off on hardbound books. Check back...more to come...

Bunny 101

On Sunday, Heather, Martha and I took "Caring for Bunnies" class with Nancy Bender of The Spinning Bunny, at the Fiber Studio. It was awesome! We were three of eleven ladies, twelve counting the Bunny! Learned lots of very useful info ranging from feeding, grooming, housing and mating to actually shearing, blending the raw fiber and spinning. What fun!! I can't wait to shear my Jacob sheep and blend her fiber with either Gracie or Bonnie. The fiber, thus yarn, will be phenomenal!
Martha and her, human girls, Sophie and Bella, visited today. They colored at the dining room table while Martha and I groomed the bunnies. Their first official "Shearing". I will ask my daughter to take have to see them...SO small with no fur! Bob was shocked when he saw HIS girls! Martha promised, the fur grows back so quickly and it's actually a relief for the bunnies to be shorn. I put an extra fleece blanket in their hutch, incase they are chilly tonight! It's the Mama in me.
Saturday, if all goes well this time, the sheep are being shorn...check back for that saga!

Friday, April 6, 2007


Most everyone is familiar with "BOGO" Buy One Get One...
Well, here at the Garden, we have "B2G1" as our April Special...NO, it's not a bingo game!! BUY 2 pair of knitting needles or 2 crochet hooks and GET 1 Free. Very simple and a great way of enlarging your needle/hook collection. We are talking Addi's and Inox,Clover and Brittany, Bryspun and Balene. A large inventory of Circular, Straights, Hooks and DPs. So, come on in and take advantage of our "B2G1 April Special"

Crochet Chicks...

For all the Crochet Chicks out there...I have a bunch of new pattern books on order,
Gifts from Heaven, Crochet for Baby, Travelers Blankies and Afghans, Potholders a Plenty...Very nice variety of patterns. I am planning my Spring Workshops, three I am looking forward to, Crochet Hooded Diagonal Blanket, Uni-sex Infant Sweater and Christmas Ornaments Toppers...Stay tuned, more to come.
Also on their way, Brittany Lath-Turned Birch Crochet Hooks, beautiful!
At any time, should there be a pattern, hook or specific yarn you desire, please feel free to ask...I have quite a few resource I can tap into.
Hope to see you all soon...Joanne

Where Are You??

Now, Everyone Take Notice...You can not drive by and not see...A New and Bigger Sign. There is no way anyone can say they couldn't find me...
THANKS to my WONDERFUL husband, Bob, our sign can be seen so clearly and easily. This was his idea, design and hard work. The sign post went in on one of those beautiful Springlike days, just before our Easter Blizzard! What timing! What a guy!

The Garden Seedlings...

A new feature of "A Knitter's Garden". An "Off Shoot" of select craftspeople who show and sell their products at the Garden. Please come by to view and purchase Top Quality Crafts-Womenship at it's Finest...

Blue Glass Dragonfly...Handmade Earrings
Little Stone Farm...Angora Fiber for Spinning
Lorie's Hand Designed Boxed Cards
Miss Mollie's Light Weight Baby Sweaters
Nancy's Homespun Yarn and Natural Soaps
Sereknity...Hand Dyed Sport/Sock Weight Yarns and Fibers
Tangle Tree Garden...Hand Designed and Sewn Totebags.
Any craftperson with a high quality product they would like to market and feature here with "The Garden Seedings", please stop by and we can talk...

Thursday Nite Knitting...

Our Thursday Nite Knitting held on April 26th at 7 pm to 9pm.
This month we are going to make Wash Cloths, either knitted or crocheted, your choice. During this time, we will draw names and exchange completed cloths with each other. I thought we could continue this into the summer months. Everyone looks for
small lap projects, just a thought...No fee for the night, just fun.

Welcome Spring...

Now let's get down to business...a few new yarns have arrived
"Heirloom Celtic" is the newest from Austrailia. 67% Aussie Wool/33% Alpaca
A medium to light worsted weigh...doll sweater sample to touch

"Universal Bella DK" 7 Colors instock, beautifully soft acrylic, machine wash/dry
Perfect for Baby Sweaters or Dresses, Summer Blankies or Throws and
of course, American Doll Clothes

"TLC Cotton Plus" 51% cotton/49% acrylic Worsted Weight, instock and available
in 12 lovely colors, Great for kids Tanks, Summer Sweaters, Washcloths
Very Versatile!!

"Universal's Tapestry" is plentiful...5 Color Ways...Knit the Stockinette Stitch...
Bingo, Bango...Fair Isle, like magic! Many samples to view.

My Heartfelt Thank You

Hello All, sorry I have not updated in so long. As most know, our family has had a very trying 6 weeks. Things are "Almost" back to normal. Thank you for all your cards, words of kindness and flowers, they have been so greatly appreciated and so overwhelming. Mothers are so special and the most difficult to lose.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"Thursday Night Workshop"

I would like to begin a second Monthly Knitting Group, "Thursday Night Workshop" {TNW}. All members will work on the same project. Some months it may extend over into an additional week or month, depending on the size of our project.
The "March TNW" held on March 29th with a second date to be chosen by class members, will be a felted clutch/strapped purse with Needle Felted design on the flap. The workshop is from 7:00 to 9:00. Kits will be available with everything you will need to complete the purse...Sample in shop. Cost for two workshop meetings, $40 plus purse kit. Kit will contain yarn {one skein,your color choice and felting fiber-needle-block} and your pattern for the cost of $20.
Sign up for workshops has begun, I would like 6 to 8 students only. Please call to save your spot around the workshop table! 887-8550

Friday, February 23, 2007


What is going on you ask, at A Knitter's Garden...AKG...located at BY THE BROOK FARM, 58 Derry Road, Chester, NH 603-887-8550...Well, let me fill you in...
My Newest Arrivals...

Introducing...Deluxe Cashmere Blend...a beautifully soft worsted weight yarn in 4 Baby Soft colors, 70% Merino Wool, 25% Cashmere and 5% Nylon for strength.
Free Pattern of Infant Lace Hat with purchase of yarn

Heart String Designs...A notebook of 18 of Jackie's lovely Lace designs for Socks-Scarves-Shawls...check out her to view, then stop by AKG to purchase your patterns and yarn.

Universal Yarns...Introducing...Poems...100% Wool in worsted weight, graduated tones and shades of color...6 colorways available

Wisdoms Yarns Newest...Tapestry...Perfect for Circular Knitting hats, mittens and especially sweater yokes...just Stocknette Stitch and like magic...Fair Isle without the bobbin, tails or knots!! You have to stop by and check it out, I have samples. Tapestry is available in 5 shades, you will find them all here at AKG.

Monthly Promo...

My plan is to have a revolving monthly will be announced the last week of the prior month...
With the purchase of 10 skeins of yarn, a 20% discount off your choice of instock book.

And lastly, I would like to introduce my "Thursday Night Workshop"...
The last Thursday night of each month I will hold a workshop on something new and interesting...More to come ...


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