To Reach Us...603-887-8550

To Reach Us...603-887-8550
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Boys

Everyone is always asking about my boys and "How Is Mr Lukey doing??" My Dog in "Training"...always in Training!! Here are some look at that can he be so crazy!!!
Angus is still the Best Dog in the World...getting alittle grey!! He is so sweet and HE love Luke! They are the best of friends!
To get back to Luke...He has his days...he is a very lovable dog to his Core Family and that is about it!!! He has acquired many nicknames...Cujo comes to mind first and Psycho Dog is another top contender. He is very nervous, shy, timid and NASTY! He makes noises I have never heard a dog make...I have seen two different Dog Psychologists, I didn't know how to care for him.....he has made us so crazy with his unnatural behavior. Good thing we love him so much...No ordinary family would put up with is temperment/behavior. Julia, Sarah and I were making great strides, we took a break over the summer, my being sick and all. I am hoping to start working with Julia again soon.


SissySees said...

What handsome boys! Give them each a pat for me.

Lapdog Creations said...

Luke definitely has his people that he likes and does NOT like... I'm glad to be among the "likes" but that might be because I'm just as crazy as he is! :)


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