To Reach Us...603-887-8550

To Reach Us...603-887-8550
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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy February...

I know, it's been forever since I posted anything...Shame on me...Between holidays, work, animal care and just the holiday's been rough...But we are all back on track...Everyone is Healthy, Happy and tired of Shoveling...How 'bout you!?!

Let's see...updates...My WebPages should be up and working sometime next week...I do promise to keep you informed! It took 3 1/2 hours and a super technician, Mike, but I think we have things on the right road, finally.

At Christmas, the Historical Society of Chester sponsored a "Front Door Contest". Of course, you know I had to enter...Well, low and behold...I won 3rd Place! I already have some great ideas for next year's door.

The most exciting and newest to the shop...I have finished processing my girls wool and I decided to share...I have put up 100 yard skeins of both yarns. Harriet, our Brown/Black Shetland, her wool is so soft, I am pleasantly pleased. Josie, our Jacob sheep, Bonnie and Gracie, our Angora bunnies, have been blended into the most wonderful yarn. It is a 80/20 blend, the "Halo" blooms as you work it. So far my own socks and mittens are "Wonderous". I hope Mary and Raven are loving theirs, too.

Right now I have 3 skeins of each with more to come, they are a steal at $15. I just have to share the wealth!

The Sheep will be shorn again this March/ there will be more to come.

Well, it's great to be back...I hope to find the time to be here more often...please, stay tuned...J


Lapdog Creations said...

YEAH... she blogs! :)
I definitely want 1 skein of each please.

Cheryl said...

Hey Joanne - Guess who just finally joined the cyber-world of blogging?!
Glad to see you've updated & to hear that your website will be back up soon! I'm getting that yarn from your animals this weekend b/c yours came out so awesome I can't wait to make some mittens of my own! :o) See you!


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