To Reach Us...603-887-8550

To Reach Us...603-887-8550
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Duduza Dolls for Africa...

Here is the latest photo of our overflowing basket of the cutest Duduza Dolls ever created...There are 25 in all and it is only July! We have some with beads or earrings, some with corn-row hair, some with dreadlocks! Some in skirts, others in pants. My knitting friends are so creative.
I am so pleased and moved at all the dolls we have collected. I do believe we are going to make a group of parentless children very happy!!! I am so proud of all my knitters...Thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart!!
I will continue to collect dolls throughout August. They will be shipped to Vermont to the CHABHA Charity and then off to Rowanda and waiting arms to hug each and every one!

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Lapdog Creations said...

The basket is growing... I'm doing #3 this weekend!


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